Professor Michele Zocchi, who graduated in Medicine and Surgery in Turin in 1978, moved to the United States and France, and there he completed his training course, achieving the specialities in Cranio-Facial Surgery and in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

He has worked with clinical assistance and research tasks in the most prestigious world institutes, mainly in Brazil, Spain, France and the United States, frequently returning to Italy. From the early 2000s until today he has held and currently holds teaching and teaching positions at the University of Padua while developing an intense private professional activity.

The scientific relationship with prestigious Research Institutes currently continues and, starting from 2015, has consolidated important collaborations with the University of Sciences of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (VNU), coordinating important research projects in the field of regenerative sciences and carrying out intense didactic activity.

The Professor focused his professional interest above all in the field of body remodelling, developing the innovative technique of Ultrasonic Lipoplasty, which allows the circumferential removal of large volumes of adipose tissue in a single surgical session.

Furthermore, he has made a fundamental contribution in the research and development of other innovative methodologies and new surgical protocols, inventing and perfecting related instrumentations.

Between these:
1) Autologous Collagen, with a high regenerative potential.
2) Bicompartmental Lipostructuring of the Breast (B.B.L.S.), for breast augmentation and reconstruction with adipose tissue, without the use of silicone implants.
3) Lipocondensation and enriched fat grafts (E.F.G) with cellular components, to ensure better and lasting results.
4) Stem Cells Derived from Adipose Tissue (A.D.S.C.s), with high regenerative potential, are used in many other clinical applications and in numerous medical specialities.
5) The Acellular Adipose Matrix (AAM), to fill irregularities and stimulate tissue regeneration.
6) Bio Active Composite Grafts (BACGs), to obtain optimal results for each anatomical area and for each pathology.
7) The REMIX REGENERATION® tutorial platform, for the organization and coordination of courses and workshops for teaching the most advanced regenerative technologies worldwide.

In his career, he has performed more than 10,000 surgeries, while conducting intensive congress and teaching activities in university institutes and educational programs.
He has been a speaker and guest of honour at over 500 international congresses in more than 40 countries.
He is the author of over 150 publications, including books, monographs and articles on the most prestigious international journals in the sector.
He is a full or honorary member of more than 20 international surgical societies and professional associations.

Professor Michele Zocchi currently holds the roles of:
• Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the University of Genoa;
• Scientific President of the 2nd Level International Master in Regenerative Medicine and Surgery of the University of Padua;
• Adjunct Professor at Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine & Science;
• Editor and Coordinator of the Regenerative Surgery Section of the European Journal of Plastic Surgery (EJPS);
Scientific Consultant of ASSUT Europe, a company that produces and distributes medical devices.


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